“Broken Meetings (and how you’ll fix them)” on Vimeo

“Broken Meetings (and how you’ll fix them)” on Vimeo: watch Merlin Mann in action at
TWITTER.COM Headquarters, 21 Sep 2010″

Wondering how many people in the room got the message.

Certainly not the ones buried in their electronic devises.

Merlin is my hero.


Productivity Pr0n – The to-do list

How To-Do Lists Give Us a False Sense of Accomplishment: “List-making and to-do lists are a great way to keep track of what you have going on in your day, but over at the Wall Street Journal, Dan Ariely suggests that they’re not as useful as some of us might think.”

Yep. One of the biggest drain on productivity.

But this is only the symptom. So, do not get rid of those to-do lists yet.

Think hard about why you don’t want to do the work in those lists. Act on the outcome of that thinking.

Planned Abandonment Session

Before you start anything new, it is often necessary to stop doing something else. Unless you do that, you will soon hit the final frontier: There are only 24 hours in a day, and you can’t make use of them all. At least not productively.

Eliminate what? Distraction, Waste, Rework, Nuisance, Trouble, Administration, Movement. Well, you’ve got the picture. Eliminate something that does not add value to your life. And yes, sleep has a great value, so don’t plan to skip on that.

Peter Drucker suggests to plan on a regular basis a “Planned Abandonment Session” during which you systematically assess what you do and see what you can stop.

This concept of eliminating something, preferably some kind of waste is also linked to the Lean methodology.

So my advise is start your planned abandonment session ASAP.