Podcast Review: Gaining Credibility in a New Role by Herminia Ibarra (The HBR Channel Episodes)

Watch Gaining Credibility in a New Role | The HBR Channel Episodes | News & Politics Videos | Blip: “Gaining Credibility in a New Role
Herminia Ibarra, INSEAD professor, shares how she adopted behaviors that didn’t come naturally to find her voice in the classroom.”

Great one!

If you want to own the place, own the place. Show you are in charge. Put yourself in charge.

Applicable in all situations in life.


Can’t get enough Star Wars?

I stumbled upon this interesting podcast: Science Fiction Theater.

It contains very nice rerun of radio adaption of Star Wars: A New Hope and Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back.

Star Wars: A New Hope comes in 13 episodes:

  1. A Wind To Shake The Stars
  2. Points of Origin
  3. Black Knights, White Princess, and Pawns
  4. While Giants Mark Time
  5. Jedi That Was, Jedi To Be
  6. The Millennium Falcon Deal
  7. The Han Solo Solution
  8. Death Star’s Transit
  9. Rogues, Rebels and Robots
  10. The Luke Skywalker Initiative
  11. The Jedi Nexus
  12. The Case For Rebellion
  13. Force And Counter Force

Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back comes in 10 episodes:

  1. Freedom’s Winter
  2. The Coming Storm
  3. A Question of Survival
  4. Fire and Ice
  5. The Millennium Falcon Pursuit
  6. Way of the Jedi
  7. New Allies, New Enemies
  8. Dark Lord’s Fury
  9. Gambler’s Choice
  10. The Clash of Lighsabers

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