Scientists say Fukushima’s food is safe. So why aren’t the Japanese eating it? – SmartPlanet

Scientists say Fukushima’s food is safe. So why aren’t the Japanese eating it? – SmartPlanet: “TOKYO — Since the nuclear meltdown, the region’s seafood and agriculture industries have suffered — largely because of mistrust of the government.”

No trust. Sadness.


Choose wisely before making donations

We all feel the urge to make donations to relief funds after major catastrophic events. Scammers and thieves around the world know it and they use it.

By all means verify that the organization is legitimate before committing any money.

If you are unsure, just stick to the Red Cross.

IBM to make corporate donation of US$1m to Japan’s relief and recovery effort

[Disclaimer: I am employed at IBM Belgium]

IBM will make an initial corporate donation of up to US$1 million in technology and services to Japan’s relief and recovery efforts. We are reaching out to major nonprofits and the public sector in Japan to determine how best to deploy this contribution and utilize the talents of IBM employees in Japan’s recovery.

IBMers worldwide also are encouraged to make cash donations to disaster relief organizations such as the Red Cross.

I am proud be an IBMer !

Japan devastation leaves me speechless

I’ve been struck by the reports and pictures I see from Japan. There is so much pain, so much tragedy. Yet out of it, I see the courage of the firefighters, of the policemen, of all the people who help the distressed.

To check the extend of damages and losses, check out those links:

  1. NY Times Interactive Map
  2. ABC News Before/After Pictures
  3. CNN Map impact of Tsunami and Earthquake

All my prayers  and thoughts go to Japan.

Kay Hetherly – “Kitchen Table Talk”

Magic happens in the kitchen

(from Kay Hetherly’s book Kitchen Table Talk – Anything and Everything Essays on America and Japan published by NHK Publishing)

I received this book from my wife. At first glance, I didn’t know what to expect from it. So I began to read it with the “Beginnner’s mind” attitude.

I read the first two pages and I couldn’t stop until I finished the book late that day. If you want to know what it is like to live in Japan, read it. This is a collection of short essays on various topics related to living in Japan as a foreigner.

My favorite is “The Chopsticks Debate.” What is yours?

Book information: ISBN 4140350636 or 9784140350638

伊藤洋一 // 「これからの日中関係~日中首脳会談を受けて」(第138回)


(from 伊藤洋一のビジネストレンド)

In this podcast, Itoh Youichi discusses the recent China-Japan relationships.

Japan and China.

Friend and Foe.

Slowly getting back together. Slowly. So slowly.

But there is progress and THAT is good.

伊藤洋一 //「激変の予兆か?マイクロソフトが断念した日」(第137回)


(from 伊藤洋一のビジネストレンド)

In this podcast, Itoh Youichi analyzes the Microsoft-Yahoo! deal.

Microsoft + Yahoo! > Google?

no way. Even for Search.

So when we speak about SAAS and PAAS. Really, where is the added value?