La société malade de la gestion – Une conférence de Vincent de Gaulejac

Une conférence de Vincent de Gaulejac à l’Université Populaire de Bruxelles.

Sous une apparence pragmatique, la gestion constitue une idéologie qui légitime la guerre économique et l’obsession du rendement financier. Les ” gestionnaires ” installent en fait un nouveau pouvoir managérial. Il s’agit moins d’un pouvoir autoritaire et hiérarchique que d’une incitation à l’investissement illimité de soi dans le travail pour tenter de satisfaire ses penchants narcissiques et ses besoins de reconnaissance. Il s’agit d’instiller dans les esprits une représentation du monde et de la personne humaine, en sorte que la seule voie de réalisation de soi consiste à se jeter à corps perdu dans la ” lutte des places ” et la course à la productivité. Or, pour comme pour mieux assurer son emprise, cette logique déborde hors du champ de l’entreprise et colonise toute la société.

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Survivorship Bias (from You Are Not So Smart blog)

Read Survivorship Bias: “The military looked at the bombers that had returned from enemy territory. They recorded where those planes had taken the most damage. Over and over again, they saw the bullet holes tended to accumulate along the wings, around the tail gunner, and down the center of the body. Wings. Body. Tail gunner. Considering this information, where would you put the extra armor? Naturally, the commanders wanted to put the thicker protection where they could clearly see the most damage, where the holes clustered. But Wald said no, that would be precisely the wrong decision. Putting the armor there wouldn’t improve their chances at all. “

Indeed. Thinks are so clear when someone has drawn your attention to it.

What I am missing that I don’t even begin to think about?

Great read from the blog You are Not So Smart

Christine Lagarde on the World Economy and the IMF’s Future – HBR IdeaCast – Harvard Business Review

Christine Lagarde on the World Economy and the IMF’s Future – HBR IdeaCast – Harvard Business Review: “The managing director of the International Monetary Fund talks with HBR editor in chief Adi Ignatius.”

Leadership in action. Worth Listening.

Podcast Review: Gaining Credibility in a New Role by Herminia Ibarra (The HBR Channel Episodes)

Watch Gaining Credibility in a New Role | The HBR Channel Episodes | News & Politics Videos | Blip: “Gaining Credibility in a New Role
Herminia Ibarra, INSEAD professor, shares how she adopted behaviors that didn’t come naturally to find her voice in the classroom.”

Great one!

If you want to own the place, own the place. Show you are in charge. Put yourself in charge.

Applicable in all situations in life.

So you “need” to provide feedback

If you ever need to provide a piece of feedback to one of your directs, ask yourself if they are ready for it.
Well, ask yourself if you are ready for it. Have you invested sufficient time in developing a professional relationship with that person? Did you spent time discovering who this person is?
If not, feedback won’t be well received.
So better prepare now and start meeting regularly with your directs.