Scientists say Fukushima’s food is safe. So why aren’t the Japanese eating it? – SmartPlanet

Scientists say Fukushima’s food is safe. So why aren’t the Japanese eating it? – SmartPlanet: “TOKYO — Since the nuclear meltdown, the region’s seafood and agriculture industries have suffered — largely because of mistrust of the government.”

No trust. Sadness.


The Scary Question I Ask to my Kids

About once per quarter, I ask my kids a very frightful question:

“In your view, do I take good care of you? Are there things I should start doing and things I should stop doing?”

And then I listen (I try). Without judging (I try). Without answering anything other than “Thank You” (I try).

And boy, that’s hard.

I’m fortunate that until now the answers are quite good. I try to adapt myself to their needs and their development.

But I’m sure someday I’ll get a “well, hum, err, here’s the thing…”

And I’m waiting for that time.

IBM to make corporate donation of US$1m to Japan’s relief and recovery effort

[Disclaimer: I am employed at IBM Belgium]

IBM will make an initial corporate donation of up to US$1 million in technology and services to Japan’s relief and recovery efforts. We are reaching out to major nonprofits and the public sector in Japan to determine how best to deploy this contribution and utilize the talents of IBM employees in Japan’s recovery.

IBMers worldwide also are encouraged to make cash donations to disaster relief organizations such as the Red Cross.

I am proud be an IBMer !

Japan devastation leaves me speechless

I’ve been struck by the reports and pictures I see from Japan. There is so much pain, so much tragedy. Yet out of it, I see the courage of the firefighters, of the policemen, of all the people who help the distressed.

To check the extend of damages and losses, check out those links:

  1. NY Times Interactive Map
  2. ABC News Before/After Pictures
  3. CNN Map impact of Tsunami and Earthquake

All my prayers  and thoughts go to Japan.