Podcast Review: Karen Dunn Skinner & David Skinner on Lean in Law Firms on LeanBlog.org episode #185

Podcast #185 – Karen Dunn Skinner & David Skinner on Lean in Law Firms — Lean Blog: “Mark Graban’s guests for episode #185 are Karen Dunn Skinner and David Skinner and the topic, for the first time on the Podcast, is Lean in law firms and the legal profession. David and Karen are husband and wife, attorneys, from Quebec, and consultants for their firm Gimbal.”

Loved this podcast. Very instructive to dig into a different industry striving to implement Lean Principles.

Items discussed in the podcast:

  • How do Lean methods apply in a Law firm?
  • What are some benefits to the clients and the firm itself?
  • How do you get past the “we don’t build cars” objection?
  • How widespread is Lean in the legal profession?
  • How did Karen and David discover Lean (and Six Sigma) as attorneys?
  • What’s the balance between using Lean and/or Six Sigma in law?
  • How can standardized work and checklists help?
  • Why are legal clients dissatisfied with the pricing and quality of legal work?
  • How do you strike a balance between law being an art vs. being a process?

Thank you Mark, Karen and David for sharing.


“Broken Meetings (and how you’ll fix them)” on Vimeo

“Broken Meetings (and how you’ll fix them)” on Vimeo: watch Merlin Mann in action at
TWITTER.COM Headquarters, 21 Sep 2010″

Wondering how many people in the room got the message.

Certainly not the ones buried in their electronic devises.

Merlin is my hero.

Survivorship Bias (from You Are Not So Smart blog)

Read Survivorship Bias: “The military looked at the bombers that had returned from enemy territory. They recorded where those planes had taken the most damage. Over and over again, they saw the bullet holes tended to accumulate along the wings, around the tail gunner, and down the center of the body. Wings. Body. Tail gunner. Considering this information, where would you put the extra armor? Naturally, the commanders wanted to put the thicker protection where they could clearly see the most damage, where the holes clustered. But Wald said no, that would be precisely the wrong decision. Putting the armor there wouldn’t improve their chances at all. “

Indeed. Thinks are so clear when someone has drawn your attention to it.

What I am missing that I don’t even begin to think about?

Great read from the blog You are Not So Smart