The Scary Question I Ask to my Kids

About once per quarter, I ask my kids a very frightful question:

“In your view, do I take good care of you? Are there things I should start doing and things I should stop doing?”

And then I listen (I try). Without judging (I try). Without answering anything other than “Thank You” (I try).

And boy, that’s hard.

I’m fortunate that until now the answers are quite good. I try to adapt myself to their needs and their development.

But I’m sure someday I’ll get a “well, hum, err, here’s the thing…”

And I’m waiting for that time.


Everyday practice: Working in the open space

Want to practice focus and attention?

No need to go full meditation mode under a water falls.

Work in an open space.

Is having a call on loudspeaker a challenge? Yes it is.

Does it matter. Well, no it does not. The sound is there. What you make out of it is your issue.

So embrace it, be at peace with it. And move forward.

Quand le top du fisc se paye au noir – La

Quand le top du fisc se paye au noir – La

Les limiers du fisc belge sont-ils mieux traités fiscalement que les autres fonctionnaires des Finances et que le commun des mortels dans notre pays ? Apparemment, certains d’entre eux bénéficient d’indemnités qui sont devenues au fil du temps un confortable complément de salaire… défiscalisé et non soumis à des cotisations sociales.