So you “need” to provide feedback

If you ever need to provide a piece of feedback to one of your directs, ask yourself if they are ready for it.
Well, ask yourself if you are ready for it. Have you invested sufficient time in developing a professional relationship with that person? Did you spent time discovering who this person is?
If not, feedback won’t be well received.
So better prepare now and start meeting regularly with your directs.

Inbox zero routine

I have found few routines that bring more peace than Inbox Zero.

For this I am indebted to Merlin Mann and David Allen.

So, what is it all about? An empty inbox. To reach it, you need very things: namely an inbox and will power.

Apply the following routine on your mailbox:
1. Open a mail
2. Scan it
3. Decide what to do with it (trash it, do it, archive it, schedule time in your agenda to do it, park the action to accomplish on your appropriate context list)
4. Back to 1

One caveat: never put back a mail in your inbox.

Happy inbox cleaning