Goleman et al. – “Primal Leadership: The Hidden Driver of Great Performances”

When the theory of emotional intelligence at work began to receive widespread attention, we frequently heard executives say – in that same breath, mind you – “That’s incredible,” and, “Well, I’ve known that all along.”

(from Daniel Goleman, Richard Boyatzis and Annie McKee’s Primal Leadership: The Hidden Driver of Great Performance published by HBR)

Key points:

Ask yourself those questions:

  1. Who do I want to be?
  2. Who am I now?
  3. How do I get from here to there?
  4. How do I make change stick?
  5. Who can help me?

Anonymous – “Hear one, see one, do one”

Hear one, see one, do one

(from anonymous, cited in HBR’s The Smart-Talk Trap by Pfeffer and Sutton)

Now, that’s a powerful advise. It is said that in surgery they learn procedures that way.

Wow, so simple.

Let’s try.

Pfeffer and Sutton – “The Smart-Talk Trap”

Consider two stories, both sadly true and sadly typical

(from Jeffrey Pfeffer and Robert I. Sutton’s The Smart-Talk Trap published by HBR)

Key Points:

As a leader:

  • Know and do the work
  • talk in a language people understand
  • do not ask “Why” but “How”
  • Close the loop
  • learn from experience

In short:

Walk the Talk

Daniel Goleman – “Leadership That Gets Results”

Ask any group of businesspeople the question “What do effective leaders do?” and you’ll hear a sweep of answers.

(from Daniel Goleman’s Leadership That Gets Results published by HBR)

Key points:

what type of leader are you?

  1. Coercive leader
  2. Authoritative leader
  3. Affiliative leader
  4. Democratic leader
  5. Pacesetting leader
  6. coaching leader

Knowing it, do you lead accordingly?

Daniel Goleman – “What Makes a Leader?”

Every businessperson knows a story about a highly intelligent, highly skilled executive who was promoted into a leadership position only to fail at the job.

(from Daniel Goleman’s What Makes a Leader, published by HBR)

Key points:

The five components of Emotional intelligence at Work are

  1. Self-Awareness
  2. Self-Regulation
  3. Motivation
  4. Empathy
  5. Social Skill

This is a great article. Hopefully, Emotional intelligence can be learned.

Let’s start.