Tom Peters – “How long does it take to become excellent?”

[…] Somebody asked Thomas Watson, Sr., the senior member of the Watson family that effectively founded IBM. They said, “Mr. Watson, how long does it take to become excellent?” And Mr. Watson purportedly said, “A minute.” This was years before The One Minute Manager. Somebody said, “A minute?” And he said, “Yes. It is a personal commitment to yourself that you will never again do anything that is not excellent.” And that’s what it’s about, one minute at a time. […]

(from Excellence Always June 2008 at

Wow, very powerful.

So simple.

Sooo simple.


伊藤洋一 // 「これからの日中関係~日中首脳会談を受けて」(第138回)


(from 伊藤洋一のビジネストレンド)

In this podcast, Itoh Youichi discusses the recent China-Japan relationships.

Japan and China.

Friend and Foe.

Slowly getting back together. Slowly. So slowly.

But there is progress and THAT is good.

伊藤洋一 //「激変の予兆か?マイクロソフトが断念した日」(第137回)


(from 伊藤洋一のビジネストレンド)

In this podcast, Itoh Youichi analyzes the Microsoft-Yahoo! deal.

Microsoft + Yahoo! > Google?

no way. Even for Search.

So when we speak about SAAS and PAAS. Really, where is the added value?