John Byrne – “GM’s Challenge”

BusinessWeek’s David Welch tells John Byrne that the lumbering, money-losing giant finally sees gas engines are a losing bet. But is it too late for GM?

(from Business WeekCover Stories)

Key points of this podcast:

GM is behind, and loosing ground. No one to blame but GM. Not Toyota. Not any other business. Just GM.

So stop whining.

Go green.

Do something.

Anything. (but crying)




Jack Welch – “How to Bust into the Big League”

BusinessWeek columnists Jack & Suzy Welch say big companies prefer the devil they know to an upstart they don’t. You’ve got to offer them a deal with the kind of fire they can’t ignore.

(from Business Week — The Welch Way Podcast by Jack and Suzy Welch)

This podcast‘s key points:

  • Go out and change the game. Period.
  • Make them an offer they can’t refuse. Don’t go there with silly tiny improvements.
  • Offer game changing propositions.

Philip K. Dick – “The Great C”

He was not told the questions until just before it was time to leave.

(from Paycheck and other classic stories by -)

This one will lend in my newest top 5 of Philip K. Dick’s short stories! A must read for all A.I. developers.

Who else links this story to Terminator’s Skynet and to Grey‘s Big Mama and Little Mamas?

Now, do you have a difficult question?

A really difficult one?