Philip K. Dick – “Mr Spaceship”

Kramer leaned back.

(from Paycheck and other classic stories by –)

Could Matsumoto Leiji have read that one before creating Arcadia? Star Wars’ Yuuzhan Vong technology is also clearly in the same league as Yucconae’s.


My Top 5 all time novel list

My Top 5 all time novel list (as of May 4, 2008):

  1. J.R.R. Tolkien – “The Lord of The Rings”
  2. Timothy Zahn* – “Thrawn Trilogy” including “Heir to the Empire”, “Dark Force Rising” and “Last Command”
  3. Chuck Palahniuk – Fight Club
  4. Mario Puzo – The Godfather
  5. Frank Herbert – Dune

* This is a trilogy comprising of 3 books. But as this is my top 5, I’ll count those novels as one.